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Your ideas, your creativity, and your perspective are the future.

You are a researcher from the moment you come to Carolina. You have the ability to enact positive change in the South and the world. Our network connects students, faculty, researchers, artists, policymakers and storytellers doing extraordinary work to build a future where all southern communities can flourish.

Funding Opportunities

Summer Funding Opportunities

The Southern Oral History Program offers several competitive awards for current undergraduate and graduate students attending UNC Chapel Hill who are pursuing oral history research or fieldwork during summer 2023. We are partnering to offer a single online application for summer funding at The Center for the Study of the American South.

Southern Futures Fellows

New undergraduate students, both first-year and transfer, with an interest in contributing to the future prosperity of communities in the American South. Students interested in all majors are welcome.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Awards of $3,000 will be conferred by the Office of Undergraduate Research through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURF) Students should indicate their interest in Southern Futures specifically when applying for this funding through SURF.

Student Profile: Madd Heartley

The American studies major from Charlotte, who also plans to go to nursing school, received a Southern Futures Award to support her undergraduate research.

“Having the tools to do research is a valuable skill set. It helped me to understand more about my own history with the South and how much there is still for me to know and learn. Understanding the past has a lasting impact on how we see the world today.”

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