The 2023 Fellows

IMG_0966_Winta Abraham

Winta Abraham

Class of 2027

From: Raleigh, NC

B.A. Computer Science

Research Interest: Winta is hoping to research how we can use computer science and technology to provide communities with social goods and justice oriented work. Using her coding skills and desire to work with communities, Winta plans on creating a website that engages audiences in critical thinking.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Class; Culture

Ariana Cotton

Class of 2027

From: Memphis, TN

B.A. History; BA Communications

Research Interest: Ariana investigates the vibrant lifestyles of Black Americans in the rural American South, particularly black cowboys and farmers/ranchers across the Deep South. She intends on interviewing black farms and ranchers, getting a glimpse of their daily lives, their family's history with the land they farm on, and the struggles they face. The final project will be a documentary that includes shots that are like a Western-style film.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Class;Gender;History; Culture
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Marli English

Class of 2027

From: Powder Springs, GA

B.A. Public Policy

Research Interest: Marli’s project will investigate how Southern communities cultivate collective strength through unconventional means. She will delve into Southern food traditions, healthcare practices, and other concepts of freedom. Marli plans to bring her research to Atlanta to gather oral histories, which she will present through visual storytelling.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Class; Gender; Art; Literature; History; Philosophy; Culture; Performing Arts; Environmental Justice

Kiestin Jackson

Class of 2027

From: Spartanburg, SC

B.A. Public Policy

Research Interest: Kiestin is currently interested in topics related to youth mentorship, African and African American Diaspora Studies, public policy, economics, visual media. He wants to look at combining his interests into something related to creating a database for Black owned businesses or designing a clothing line focusing on Black diasporic culture and history.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Culture;Economics;Class;Art;History;Performing Arts;Literature
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Jessica Johnson

Class of 2027

From: Charlotte, NC

B.A. Media and Journalism

Research Interest: Investigating the socio-economic impacts of gentrification in Southern communities and amplifying voices often marginalized in mainstream narratives. Examining historical and structural factors contributing to wealth disparities within Black communities in the South and exploring avenues for economic empowerment and wealth-building.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Culture;Economics;History;Policy
IMG_4986_David Kim

David Kim

Class of 2027

From: Durham, NC

B.A. Medical Anthropology

Research Interest: David wants to explore the possible bridges between different communities of mono-ethnic churches within the Triangle of North Carolina.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Culture;Religion;Performing Arts;Literature;
NL Professional Headshot_Ngan Le

Ngan Le

Class of 2027

From: Chapel Hill, NC

B.S. Economics; B.A. Chemistry

Research Interest: Over the past several decades, there has been an exponential increase in the Asian American population. Stories of war, assimilation, longing, and community have often been left in the dust in this long process of population change. Ngan aims to highlight intergenerational stories of the Asian American diaspora in the South through oral histories shared through an exhibit or community-based app to spark vital conversations for understanding our diverse neighborhoods.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Class;History;Culture;Environmental Justice;Health disparities

Madison C. Mitchell

Class of 2027

From: Charlotte, NC

B.A.Ed. Human Development and Family Science; B.A. Psychology

Research Interest: With a passion for learning, Madison's research addresses education inequality and explores community building efforts to curve the inequalities.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Culture;Class;Policy
Zoey-48_Zoey Morris

Zoey Morris

Class of 2027

From: Beaufort, NC

B.A. Media and Journalism, B.A. Communications

Research Interest: Zoey plans on partnering with the Core Sound Waterfowl and Heritage Center in Harkers Island, NC

Keywords: History; Philosophy; Culture; Environmental Justice
Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 11.15.10 PM_Leihana Pratt

Leihanna Pratt

Class of 2026

From: Charlotte, NC

B.A. Political Science, B.A. African American and Diaspora Studies, English Minor

Research Interest: Leihana’s research will delve into the intricate dynamics of 21st-century politics and law, focusing on the enduring impacts of gerrymandering in the Deep South and its subsequent policy formation. Leihana plans to present her findings in an interactive webpage she creates which will be available for future use.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity