The 2022 Cohort

headshot1_Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson

Class of 2024

From: Wake Forest, NC

B.A. Studio Art, B.A. Art History

Timothy conducted a solo Art Show titled "Southland." It was a study on the relationship between symbols and collective perception of the American South. He combined digital humanities, history, oral history, environmental storytelling, and more to create a thematically focused exhibit that discussed how we understand Southern culture and the marginalization present.

Keywords: Art, Philosophy, Culture
Inaya- Headshots-16_Inaya Abubakari

Inaya Abubakari

Class of 2026

From: Charlotte, NC

B.S.P.H. Environmental Health Sciences

Research Interest: With a passion for the Sciences, Inaya plans to take a multidisciplinary approach to her research by creating a short documentary that sheds light on the vibrant world of Southern Black muralists within the Triangle region.

Keywords: Race/ethnicity; culture; Environmental Justice

Hallie Brew

Class of 2026

From: Apex, NC

B.A. American Studies; Health & Societies Minor

Research Interest: With an interest in highlighting the “hidden histories” of her hometown, Hallie plans on working with local organizations to uplift untold stories within communities that have been historically underrepresented. Motivated by the stories of community members recounting lynchings in Wake County through the late twentieth century, Hallie hopes to uncover the names and stories of those who suffered at the hands of this racialized form of violence and create a curriculum guide that could be used in middle and high schools across Wake Couty.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Gender; Literature.
headshot_Peyton Brooks 1

Peyton Brooks

Class of 2026

From: Lumberton, NC

B.A. Exercise & Sports Science; Minor in Advertising & Public Relations

Research Interest: For her project, Peyton plans to travel to the Lumbee Tribute Center in Robeson County, which will act as the cornerstone of her project. Peyton aims to spotlight the significance of maintaining traditional native values within educational environments, and through her research, she hopes to inspire other native students to pursue higher education.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; History; Culture
IMG_6214_Laura Couch

Laura Couch

Class of 2025

From: Elkin, NC

B.A. Public Policy; English and Health & Societies minors

Research Interest: For her project, Laura plans to write a research paper centered on the literary works of renowned Southern authors William Faulkner and Toni Morrison. Through a literary analysis and the creation of an accompanying graphic, Laura aims to highlight the intricacies of the American South. She seeks to reaffirm the importance of looking at the South through a multidisciplinary lens to provide a comprehensive overview necessary to rebuilding the South.

Keywords: Literature; Art; Digital design and policy

Jada Council

Class of 2025

From: Durham, NC

B.A. Sociology

Research Interest: Through "The Porch Sweep Project", Jada hopes to raise awareness about the importance of air quality in Black (Queer) Southern communities to promote a more holistic form of airborne virus prevention less reliant on structural institutions for mobilization and implementation.

Keywords: Literature; Environmental Justice; Race/Ethnicity;Policy

William Etringer

Graduated May 2023

From: Mayodan, NC

B.A. Philosophy; Social and Economic Justice minor; Environmental Justice minor

Will conducted research on legal deserts in North Carolina. It was divided into three steps: (1) using NCBA directory info to profile attorney populations in rural counties; (2) interviewed attorneys & other members of legal communities in those rural counties; (3) displayed my findings in a research report– presenting an argument for a more comprehensive approach to legal deserts. He is now attending UNC Law School.

Keywords: Policy; Class; History; Culture
294640052_1980470932343825_402494564347260390_Dylan Hammonds

Dylan Hammonds

Class of 2026

From: Pembroke, NC

B.A. Human and Organizational Leadership Development; Minor American Indian and Indigenous studies

Research Interest: Dylan is passionate about his community and wants to conduct work on Southeastern Natives with the goal of eventually presenting his work at a conference.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Culture
Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 10.27.08 AM_Eleanor Leonard

Eleanor (Iris) Leonard

Class of 2026

From: Winston Salem, NC

B.A. Public Policy; B.A. Political Science

Research Interest: Iris, captivated by the beauty of the mountains of North Carolina, plans on doing her project on the conservation efforts of protected land in North Carolina. With the history of the South in mind, Iris is interested in the stories that the land can tell her. She plans on creating a webpage that emphasizes the connections between communities and land and hopes to interview individuals in the NC conservation community to provide a more comprehensive view of the future of this land.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Culture
headshotnik_Nikolas Lewis

Nikolas Lewis

Class of 2026

From: Apex, NC

B.A. Economics; BA Public Policy

Research Interest: Nikolas is interested in researching the impact of cash transfers on various wellbeing factors, such as education, food security, nutrition, etc. Project would take the form of a policy brief.

Keywords: Class;Philosophy;Race/Ethnicity;Environmental Justice;Economics;
DSCF0789_Paola Lopez-Cervante

Paola Lopez-Cervantes

Class of 2026

From: Marion, NC

B.A. Spanish; Translating & Interpreting Minor

Research Interest: Combining her passions in the arts and her community, Paola is interested in producing a photo essay on the migrant communities in the South, more specially the Latinx community in rural NC. It would include pictures of Latinx youth, community organizations, and different aspects of this community such as past-times like bailes, sports, and other events that add to the diversification of the South.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity;Gender;Art;Culture;Performing Arts;Environmental Justice;History;
B7FAC989-FB49-4495-BD84-1D7A3184CB8A_Colin O'Hagerty

Colin O’Hagerty

Class of 2026

From: Hillsborough, NC

B.S.P.H. Environmental Heatlh Sciences

Research Interest: Leveraging his musical background, Colin’s project is grounded in the sounds of his hometown, Hillsborough, NC. He plans to record soundscapes at various locations key to the environment, like the Eno River, and blend these recordings into an immersive audio gallery supplemented by community interviews and historical research. Through his research, Colin hopes to examine the impact of a divided perception on environmental and social movements in his community.

Keywords: Class; Gender; Performing Arts; Environmental Justice; History; Culture; Race/Ethnicity

Agustin Orozco

Class of 2025

From: Medellin, Colombia

B.S.Psychology, B.A. Data Science

Research Interest: Agustin wants to critically examine algorithms and machine learning models that operate in the private and public spheres. Specifically, looking at how models reinforce narratives that systematically oppress marginalized people. He will use digital ethnographics methods to look at cases of predictive policing in the South, as well as the conceptualizations that these models create.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Class; Gender; Art; Literature; Culture; Performing Arts
Untitled design_Ellie Sellers

Ellie Sellers

Class of 2027

From: Princeville, NC

B.A. English and Comparative Literature: Concentration in Science, Medicine, and Literature

Research Interest: Ellie plans on conducting oral histories and creating art to depict the history of minority women’s health in the late 20th century

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Gender; Literature; Culture; Performing Arts; Class
Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 1.50.35 AM

Jada Weyand

Graduated December 2023

From: Pullman, WA

B.A. Women and Gender Studies

Jada collaborated with the Craven County School District in enhancing their summer feeding program into an innovative foodways project that focused on community engagement. She reconfigured a school bus into a restaurant as a space for students and families to be around others in a safe environment that is not simply a school cafeteria. Furthermore, she produced toolkits that others could implement in their own communities and school districts.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Gender; Foodways; Culture; Class
Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 2.14.07 AM

Kaitlyn Williford

Class of 2026

From: Wilson, NC

B.A. History

Kaitlyn is interested in combining her love for history and education by creating student interactive workbooks about lesser known Southern inventors. This would allow children to learn about Southern History in a fun way. Hopefully, the workbook could be used in schools or with families.

Keywords: Race/Ethnicity; Class; History; Literature; Art