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We have a broad vision for Southern Futures, but we want your ideas, connections, and guidance on how to get there. 

How southerners make the most of their opportunities, address long-standing challenges, and wield precious resources will make the region a place the world watches. As communities engage with the region’s promises and perils, we will offer lessons and insights for people around the globe. Southern Futures will be built through collaboration, networks, and honest reckoning.

We've provided some examples below of ways to be involved, but please reach out to find a way to engage.

For Communities

We support the free movement of ideas, knowledge, and resources between the university and southern communities.
  • Connect with Southern Futures partners, such as the Southern Oral History Program, Humanities for the Public Good, or Wilson Library, to reimagine public commemoration and to create and preserve community stories and archives
  • Share your expertise through partner forums and meet change-makers throughout the region and the nation, through gatherings such as the Southern Summit on Philanthropy and the Academy or Black Communities: A Conference for Collaboration
  • Engage an artist, writer, museum educator, or another creative partner in the Southern Futures network to co-create and communicate your vision
  • Harness the university’s research into public policy, education, and economic development through partners such as NC Growth, Carolina K-12, and the Carolina Center for Public Service

For Students

We support the education of students to create their own futures in the context of this region's history and tradition.
  • Undergraduate students studying the South’s diverse and changing nature may be eligible for support through Summer Undergraduate Research Funds (SURF)
  • Graduate students from any field of study working on issues of concern to the region may be eligible for funding through their departments to support their research
  • Students who want to make history, in the tradition of UNC’s role at the forefront of social change, can find pathways to do so through fellowships, internships, and other opportunities at the Center for the Study of the American South and Wilson Library
  • Students seeking a new understanding of UNC’s home region can look to Southern Futures for opportunities to connect with faculty and attend networking gatherings to learn more about the relationship between the South and the world

For Faculty

We must ensure that the work that goes on at Carolina is not merely of academic interest, but reflective of the hopes and cares of many.
  • Provide your graduate students’ cutting edge research with enriched sources of funding through Southern Futures partners, including the Center for the Study of the American South and Critical Ethnic Studies
  • Support faculty collaborations in every discipline that foster community dialogue and place questions generated by the arts and humanities as a first principle
  • Facilitate think-tank style conversations that open up dialogue between scholars of all ranks and fields of study about the future of the region and how academic research can support the self-determination of southern communities



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