Critical Ethnic Studies Graduate Working Group

Applications due November 17, 2023

Goals of CES

In the global community, the role of intersectional thought has been transformative for both institutions and individuals. Critical Ethnic Studies at Carolina provides visionary leadership for focused intellectual work on institutional power, systems of privilege and inequity, and the regional and global cultures that engage and survive them. CES at Carolina envisions a different kind of “south,” one in which students and faculty can engage, for example, issues of reparation and sovereignty, (im)migration and labor, gender difference and inclusion as categories with overlapping strands, rather than competing ideologies. Our natural institutional home is the Center for the Study of the American South and we are glad to be part of the Southern Futures initiative.

Our graduate working group

The CES Collective welcomes applications from advanced graduate students whose scholarly work demonstrates commitment to the goals and objectives of CES, broadly defined. Applications will be read by CES Board members. Those selected to the graduate working group will be provided with stipends of $2,000 for the Spring of 2024 and are required to hold four meetings (more if desired) during the semester. Lunch will be provided. Students will workshop drafts of articles and/or chapters of ongoing work related to the dissertation. We will also ask the working group to forward the names of three scholars (emerging intellectuals) in the field whom they consider interlocutors. If viable, the board will choose one of these individuals to invite to campus for a public lecture and then on the following day, participate in a workshop with the students in the graduate working group. Finally, we encourage members of the graduate working group to engage with students in the CES Undergraduate Reading Group.


Application for Spring 2024 Funding

Applications are due by November 17, 2023. Email Michelle Robinson ( with any questions.

Please have your advisor complete a letter of support and submit here, or by email.